Citybuild’s Safety 365 – Raising the Bar

Health and safety matters at work; we’re all agreed on that, but what happens when you embrace a broader health and safety culture and see it as a tool for employee engagement, security and wellbeing too? Citybuild’s Safety 365 does just that. Some companies view Health and Safety solely in terms of legal requirements, but it is possible to go a bit further.

At Citybuild we’ve developed Safety 365, designed not only to adhere to our duty as a 21st century construction company, but also to enhance the experience of work for staff, contractors and visitors. So, what are the features of Safety 365? Here are just a few of the initiatives we cover.

Safety 365 Planning

One of the best ways to ensure the best health and safety management, whether in-house or on a client site, is to plan in detail and plan far enough ahead. Safety 365 brings together legal and practical knowledge and people friendly workable solutions, to every project. We create Health and Safety plans for each stage of a project. Using Health and Safety expert knowledge, qualifications and experience, we’ve created a safety management system which brings stakeholders together, step by step to assure delivery of the highest standards.

Safety 365 is also supported by a Citybuild safety management template, which guides each process. Weekly Health and Safety meetings combined with daily whiteboard briefings give everyone a succinct and clear view of the day and week ahead. Everyone’s opinion is valid and company wide input figures large in our plans. Our teams have ownership of safety planning and Safety 365 views each person as an asset in risk assessment, safety review and forward planning. Project specific construction stage plans are updated, reviewed and implanted on an ongoing basis, meaning that we can predict and react to external factors.

Communicating Safety

Our business is fast moving, so we are too. Using daily whiteboard and weekly meetings, we are always communicating within Citybuild, among each other and with contractors and clients. Health and Safety planning and implementation is part of our day and integral to each project calendar. By communicating the reasons behind strategies and actions, to all stakeholders, people are aware of the importance of each part of the plan.

Communication, feedback and suggestions all come together to enhance our Health and Safety at work. Any possible risks are communicated company wide and we see every challenge as a learning opportunity. A culture of open communication is part of Safety 365 and it works.

Worker Wellbeing

Safety 365 is far broader than a set of policies and procedures. We view Health and Safety in a broad holistic sense and worker wellbeing is at the heart of it. Not only do we communicate and train all teams in the most up to date Health and Safety friendly ways of working, we also view team wellbeing as core to the whole area. In line with this Safety 365 looks at employee engagement, happiness and mental wellbeing.

Each month we highlight areas around Health and Safety, through talks, info to staff and training. We’ve brought the mental health of teams and staff to the centre of this discussion, highlighting the mental wellbeing of staff. From minding your mental health and managing stress to talking to and supporting each other, Safety 365 has a focus on people as well as policies.

Safety 365 is an adaptable programme, developed by Citybuild, to not only focus on legislation and good practice, but to improve upon it.