Be BIM Aware and Get the Edge

BIM, Building Information Modelling, is one the most talked about developments in design
and build terms, from BIM requirements on complex public projects to its inclusion in one-
off housing projects. What are the advantages of BIM and how can BIM awareness give your
company the edge?

Advantages of Building Information Modelling

BIM combines information and data from different sources in a process which produces a
comprehensive digital representation of your project. Used to manage information,
drawings and 3D representations of a construction project, it brings together processes
under one digital roof. So what are the benefits of BIM?

Digital Teamwork

One of the benefits of BIM is the ability to work in tandem with other designers,
contractors, trades, installers and project managers, in real time. By creating and sharing
information via BIM throughout the lifetime of a project, teams can see how everyone
interacts with the design. Communication is improved and more people can access the
digital design at any one time.


BIM is a process rather than one particular thing. It enables everyone on a construction
project, view 3D digital representation of designs and services within a building. High level
design changes for example, can be made, with different parties being able to adapt to
them as BIM processes focus on the relationships of all parts of a building with each other.
The integrated nature of BIM saves time and can improve the efficiency of any project.

BIM is Key to Construction

BIM awareness is something which clients, architects, engineers and project managers are
increasingly looking for in any contractors or developers. While digital modelling has been a
mainstay on construction for a long time, the integrated processes of BIM have stepped up
the world of digital representations and detailed planning on buildings. BIM is key to
modern construction and an in depth understanding of BIM can help give you an edge over

Citybuild and BIM

At Citybuild, we provide BIM trained and qualified experts who can work with complex
design challenges. BIM awareness is crucial to our work and we welcome collaborating on
and contributing to projects where BIM processes are key.